Friday, September 14, 2012

Every Girl Should Have A Doll ♥

I came across this beautifully crafted Bebe Buttons Doll by Larnia Kids.  I couldn't help but stop by the store to take pictures for sharing with you.  These amazing dollies come in different versions with animation and sound. Matching outfits are available too! If you desire a custom doll, you can make a request to the creator. There is a simple form to fill out and all instructions are at the store in-world. I am pretty sure your little princess would love to add this one to her collection. Gift Cards are also available.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Windlight Settings

My focus this week is tailored toward enhancing my photos.  I've been experimenting and having fun with a variety of WindLight Settings.  There are so many of them already built-in the Second Life and Third Party Viewers.  One of my favorite bloggers Strawberry Singh, wrote a Fantastic WindLight Settings Tutorial. Not only did she provide a detailed description of what WindLight Settings are...she also shares downloadable links to her very own Windlight Settings and how to install them.  You can take a look at her tutorial, by clicking here. 

♥ Below are some photos I did using Strawberry's  Awesome WindLight Settings;

For Credits - Please See Previous Post

Monday, September 10, 2012

Howdy Cowgirl♥

I thought it would be a great idea for neicy to dress up as a Cowgirl while riding her horse that she found at Turducken.  We found this cute dress from Sparkle by NicoleAngel.  Its so adorable! The outfit is complete with the Cowgirl Hat, Bloomers, Tights, and even the Pink Cowgirl Boots. The horse has a rocking animation with different gestures.  Everything you need for your little princess to ride off into the Sunset ♥

Hair - Monique - 100% Mesh (Night) by Wasabi Pills
Cowgirl Dress -(Cowgirl Hat,Bloomers, Tights,  & Cowgirl Boots Included) by Sparkle
Pacifier - Stars & Moons Binky by Killi
Rocking Horse by Turducken

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A...B...C..., 1...2...3...

Its school time for my little neicy as we go out and explore the different Sims offering Pre-K at their location.  We found one in particular that peaked our interest; Willowdale Elementary & Middle School.  If you would like to visit their location, click here.  The classes are designed with the student in mind.  You can find enrollment information, class schedules, and other activities by visiting the desk in the front lobby.  

Neicy wore a Sailor Outfit from Turducken by Alkatrez Constantine.  The cute hat, boomers, and sandals are included. 


Hair - Trixie (Night) by Truth Hair
  Outfit -(Hat, Boomers & Sandals Included) (Lil Sailor-Pink) by Turducken
Pacifier - Sweet Pacifier by Sweet Baby

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kitty Heaven

You know, we do have other favorites in our Second Life world, besides shopping.  My niece and I absolutely love the adorable KittyCats! They are cute kitties that you have to take care of just like you would a pet in the real world. You can find out more about them here.  Ok, are you ready for this? (Drum-roll please)... My niece has a total of 20 cats! 

We hung outside her home with one of her very first kitties, Rose Peddles.  She wore another precious dress from Turducken by Alkatrez Constantine. It was a group gift and come complete with two Bracelets, Boomers, a Headband, and a cute little pair of Flats.

Neicy & Rose Peddles

Hair - Hair02 (Black) by DURA
Dress -(Bracelets, Headband & Shoes Included) (Holland-White) by Turducken
Pacifier - Stars & Moons Binky by Killi

Monday, September 3, 2012


What child doesn't like toys right?  Well, on our shopping list for today was definitely a trip to the toy store.  We went to visit this small cute shop called Toys4Kids in Bay City - Maddequet.  Today, my niece wore this pretty ensemble from Baby Pie by Gabrielle Gregory. The outfit comes complete with a Hair-Bow, Bloomers, and Shoes. There is also a Matching Momma Strawberry Kiwi Rigged Mesh Tube Top, sold separately.  My little cupcake just happened to be matching the theme of the store; what a coincidence.  I thought...too cute! I had to get a photo.

Swinging on a Tree House Swing In Front of the Toy Store

A Closeup of her Outfit

Hair - Danni (Espresso) by Truth Hair
Outfit (Hair-Bow & Shoes Included) - (Strawberry Kiwi) by Baby Pie
Pacifier - Sweet Pacifier by Sweet Baby

Sunday, September 2, 2012

At the End of The Rainbow

Yay!! My very first Second Life Fashion Blog and Post :)  I caught my niece in her dining room before she decided to run off and play.  This is a new beautiful dress from Turducken by Alkatraz Constantine. (Of course her store is listed as one of our favorite places to shop). The layers of rainbow color adds a nice twist from the hair-bows to the shoes (The hair-bows and shoes are included). We also left in the cute red bows that came with her hair from Truth Hair.  Very precious! Isn't she adorable?

Hair - Velvet (Espresso) by Truth Hair
Dress -(Hair-bows & Shoes Included) (Donna-Rainbow) by Turducken
Pacifier - Sweet Pacifier by Sweet Baby