Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kitty Heaven

You know, we do have other favorites in our Second Life world, besides shopping.  My niece and I absolutely love the adorable KittyCats! They are cute kitties that you have to take care of just like you would a pet in the real world. You can find out more about them here.  Ok, are you ready for this? (Drum-roll please)... My niece has a total of 20 cats! 

We hung outside her home with one of her very first kitties, Rose Peddles.  She wore another precious dress from Turducken by Alkatrez Constantine. It was a group gift and come complete with two Bracelets, Boomers, a Headband, and a cute little pair of Flats.

Neicy & Rose Peddles

Hair - Hair02 (Black) by DURA
Dress -(Bracelets, Headband & Shoes Included) (Holland-White) by Turducken
Pacifier - Stars & Moons Binky by Killi