Monday, September 3, 2012


What child doesn't like toys right?  Well, on our shopping list for today was definitely a trip to the toy store.  We went to visit this small cute shop called Toys4Kids in Bay City - Maddequet.  Today, my niece wore this pretty ensemble from Baby Pie by Gabrielle Gregory. The outfit comes complete with a Hair-Bow, Bloomers, and Shoes. There is also a Matching Momma Strawberry Kiwi Rigged Mesh Tube Top, sold separately.  My little cupcake just happened to be matching the theme of the store; what a coincidence.  I thought...too cute! I had to get a photo.

Swinging on a Tree House Swing In Front of the Toy Store

A Closeup of her Outfit

Hair - Danni (Espresso) by Truth Hair
Outfit (Hair-Bow & Shoes Included) - (Strawberry Kiwi) by Baby Pie
Pacifier - Sweet Pacifier by Sweet Baby