Monday, October 22, 2012

Child-Friendly Places in Second Life

The biggest challenge for child avatars is finding a suitable place to hang out. I started on a journey to find family-oriented and/or child-safe Sims that offer adventure, amusement, and fun. There are not very many that come up in the search listings, that I would per say qualify as a place to blog about.
In my search, I have placed a certain rather personal criteria for these particular places... and so far not many have measured up to my standards.

When visiting to determine if it's worth blogging...I look at the following factors that make up my criteria:
  • Rated "G"  
  • Attractiveness & Creativity
  • Environment/Setting - ( I went to visit a children's park and it was right next to the front entrance of a club/casino; it's just a few steps away and easily accessible). 
  • Type of Activities
  • Amount of traffic
If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below or contact me in-world.  Meanwhile, I will continue on my search and collaborate with others to find suitable places for children and families to enjoy. 

I was able to locate this beautiful family park and was just amazed at the size and tranquility it offers.  
It's called, "Dreams of Hope, Family An Kids Fun Park". You can visit the location by clicking here
The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and there are plenty of activities to get into. Camping, Horseback Riding, 7-Seas Fishing, Boating, Dancing, Paintball, and Picnics...just to name a few. The photos only give you a taste of what awaits you; this Sim is truly a must to visit. 

Dreams Of Hope, Family An Kids Fun Park - Photo I

Dreams Of Hope, Family An Kids Fun Park - Photo II

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Want to Wear a Dress ♥

Okay...I know its been awhile since my last post.  I had what I call..."Blogger's Block".  However, I realized how much I missed blogging and decided to return, adding it to my weekly schedule. This is a way for me to ensure that posts are done on a consistent basis.  So...I'm Back! Yay!

This past weekend niecy went skating.  I had the hardest time trying to convince her that she should wear some jeans or shorts.  She cried out..."TeeTee, I want to wear a dress, pweaseeee, pwetty pweaseeee!"  I must admit...after she said that, I had no other choice but to give in.  We flew on over to Turducken and found the cutest outfit.  Not only did she have loads of fun, she turned out to be the most adorable princess on skates.   

Here is a snapshot of the complete outfit with boots.  I also provided a closeup of the boots, so you can see just how cute they are with the added bows on the side.  

Hair - Velvet (Night) by Truth Hair
Dress -(Hairbow & Boots Included) (Whitney-Blue) by Turducken
Pacifier -  Stars & Moons Binky by Killi

Boots - Closeup