Thursday, November 22, 2012

♥ Happy Turkey Day! ♥

If you are anything like me, I look forward too all the turkey, trimmings, and dessert on Thanksgiving Day, munching away to my heart's desire. Not to mention, spending quality time with my family; eating, laughing, and talking about old times. It is always a very special day to cherish! 

Credits: Both Liv & Niecy

Complete Outfit (Feathers Inc) - Turkey Lurkey by Baby Pie
Bow (Tummy) - Hazel Outfit by Baby Pie
Hair - *PROMO* (Katniss-Moonlight) by Alli & Ali
Earrings - Snowflake by Cartoon Kids

Pose - (My Bestie) by Little Posers
I celebrated Thanksgiving early with my family and friends on Second Life.  We had a blast!  I decided to dress Niecy and her friend, Liv, as cute little turkeys before we went out exploring all the themed, "Thanksgiving Day" Sims. We found an adorable Turkey costume at BabyPie, that she recreated for 2012.  It was a little disappointing to see that it only came in Children, ToddleeDoo, and YaBu size for Tots.  However, we do realize that we may have to change from Tot to one of the more popular avatars eventually, but for now we are enjoying the Tot size. Anyhoo, BabyPie brought a smile to my face when we located an older version of the Turkey Costume in Tots. We added a bow on the tummy area for a little pizazz and Gobble!  - Two Cute & Adorable Turkeys!

P.S. If you would like a place to visit, I ran across this Beautiful Child and Teen Friendly Sim, called Aero Pines Park in Autumn. They are hosting their "6th Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration and Pow Wow", Nov. 17th - 25th. For further details, please visit the location by clicking here

Wishing Everyone a Safe & Happy Turkey Day from DollyBird!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Purple Passion ♥

Do you like the color Purple?  Purple is a vibrant color. It's noted that if you surround yourself with Purple you will have peace of mind. Most children love the color and its also niecy's favorite.
Cutie Wings (Purple) by Baby Princess
Complete Outfit - See Below*
We decided to take a stroll to Baby Princess' Kids & Little Girls Cute Child Fashion Store and pick up some purple goodies.  The first goodie we decided to buy was a grape cupcake (my pet name for niecy is "cupcake"). We also found these cute little wings in purple, and a bottle with a bear pictured on it in purple; a toy bear to tag along is also included. What a Deal!
Niecy dug in her inventory and found this adorable Tweed Jacket in purple from Turducken. I was blown away by the cute matching buttons on each sleeve. We paired it with Pants and Boots from Oh Daisies Children's Boutique.  It turned out to be a Pretty Purple Fun Day after-all.

Beary Set - Bear/Bottle (Purple) by Baby Princess
 Complete Outfit - *See Below
Nom Cake (Grape) by Baby Princess 
(Mouth Attachment)

Tweed Jacket by Turducken
 Pants & Boots - (Angie-Purple) by Oh Daisies Children's Boutique 
Hair - Senri2 (Onyx) by D!va
 Earrings - Snowflake by Cartoon Kids
Pacifier - High Glitz Binky (Purple) by Baby Princess

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As the Leaves Fall...

Credits: (Me)
Hair - Veronica (Blacks Pack) by Wasabi Pills (Mesh)
Dress -Poppy Dress (Vulcan) by Celoe (Mesh)
Earrings/Necklace - Gold Feather by Ryca
Nails - Deluxe Fingernails by Jamman Jewels & Accessories

I love this time of the year.  It amazes me how the leaves change colors during Autumn or the Fall. The significance of Autumn marks the transition from Summer to Winter. Niecy and I, decided to spend some time and take pictures at the Natural Wilderness Sim in Loch Haven.  It has a Beautiful Autumn Scenery right now and its also a nice setting for an adult and their special someone.  There are so many amenities to enjoy; Cuddle Poses, Dancing, Skating, Horseback Riding, Chat Benches, a Bathhouse, and even 4 Private Skyboxes you can rent.  It's a must to visit this time of year.  Be sure to grab a notecard and read the which I truly appreciated, especially since I had niecy there with me.

We chose fall colors to wear for our quality time together.  I wore the gorgeous "Poppy" dress from Celoe in the Vulcan color.  Niecy wore an adorable "Faith"outfit from Baby Pie.  It came complete with the Hair-bow Headband, Sweater with Hood, Skirt, Leggings, Boots, and Cute Floral Glasses that gave the whole ensemble a special touch.  So Adorable! 
Hair - Dolly (Night) by Truth Hair (Mesh)
Complete Outfit - Faith by Baby Pie
Earrings - Snowflake by Cartoon Kids
Pacifier - 6 Colors Included by Sweet Baby
Plush Bear - Custom - Not  For Sale (Sorry)

♥ Front View ♥

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing... Mr. & Mrs. Vamp

First and foremost, I would like to extend a Special Prayer for all the people, including my family and friends on the East Coast that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  May GOD be with each of you through this tragic time.  ♥

Halloween is over and even though I don't celebrate, I hope that all the kids and everyone, whom participated...had a Safe and Joyous one.
Mrs. Vamp
Neicy and I went Kitty hunting...again! We were only suppose to take a look at the new breeds that came out since her last purchase.  (Please note: She already has 20 cats...I blogged about them in a previous post).  Well to our surprise, KittyCats came out with this adorable pair of "Til Death Do Us Part" kitties.  We just could not pass them up.  They are transferable and sold as a pair. The price includes; 1 week of Food, Love5 Portable Food, a Collar Kit, and a Rideable Broom for you AND your cat to ride.  After running across this wonderful duo, adding them to the family was not in question.  I manage to get a few snapshots to share with you guys...Too Cute! 
Mr. Vamp

Sleeping Away...