Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing... Mr. & Mrs. Vamp

First and foremost, I would like to extend a Special Prayer for all the people, including my family and friends on the East Coast that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  May GOD be with each of you through this tragic time.  ♥

Halloween is over and even though I don't celebrate, I hope that all the kids and everyone, whom participated...had a Safe and Joyous one.
Mrs. Vamp
Neicy and I went Kitty hunting...again! We were only suppose to take a look at the new breeds that came out since her last purchase.  (Please note: She already has 20 cats...I blogged about them in a previous post).  Well to our surprise, KittyCats came out with this adorable pair of "Til Death Do Us Part" kitties.  We just could not pass them up.  They are transferable and sold as a pair. The price includes; 1 week of Food, Love5 Portable Food, a Collar Kit, and a Rideable Broom for you AND your cat to ride.  After running across this wonderful duo, adding them to the family was not in question.  I manage to get a few snapshots to share with you guys...Too Cute! 
Mr. Vamp

Sleeping Away...