Monday, November 19, 2012

Purple Passion ♥

Do you like the color Purple?  Purple is a vibrant color. It's noted that if you surround yourself with Purple you will have peace of mind. Most children love the color and its also niecy's favorite.
Cutie Wings (Purple) by Baby Princess
Complete Outfit - See Below*
We decided to take a stroll to Baby Princess' Kids & Little Girls Cute Child Fashion Store and pick up some purple goodies.  The first goodie we decided to buy was a grape cupcake (my pet name for niecy is "cupcake"). We also found these cute little wings in purple, and a bottle with a bear pictured on it in purple; a toy bear to tag along is also included. What a Deal!
Niecy dug in her inventory and found this adorable Tweed Jacket in purple from Turducken. I was blown away by the cute matching buttons on each sleeve. We paired it with Pants and Boots from Oh Daisies Children's Boutique.  It turned out to be a Pretty Purple Fun Day after-all.

Beary Set - Bear/Bottle (Purple) by Baby Princess
 Complete Outfit - *See Below
Nom Cake (Grape) by Baby Princess 
(Mouth Attachment)

Tweed Jacket by Turducken
 Pants & Boots - (Angie-Purple) by Oh Daisies Children's Boutique 
Hair - Senri2 (Onyx) by D!va
 Earrings - Snowflake by Cartoon Kids
Pacifier - High Glitz Binky (Purple) by Baby Princess