Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bunny Bearing Gift - Turducken Group Gift ♥

Happy Easter My Dollies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Day filled with love and lots of candy!  I just wanted to do a quick post to share this Group Gift; the 'Marleigh' Outfit by Turducken.  The Romper is adorable in pastel blue with a hint of red and pink roses.  White bows sit gently on the straps, matching the cute bow tie sandals.  Also included are a pair of inner satin bunny ears, and a white cotton ball bunny tail (not pictured).

For your choosing, you can wear this outfit even after Easter.  Detach the bunny ears and the tail, then you're left with a nice casual outfit for Spring/Summer.  Click here to hop on over to Turducken to claim this precious Group Gift.  Be sure to wear your Group Tag.
Just Bunni-rrific!

Marleigh Outfit -(Red GG) by Turducken 
 Hair -Trixie (Night) by Truth Hair
Earrings - (Cutie-Cupcake) by Turducken
Rings - (Flower) by Skyla Cyannis
Bracelets-(Kiera Outfit) by Oh Daisies Children's Boutique 
Pose - (Toddledoo Pose Pack 2) by Say Cheese
 Giant Bunny & Giant Easter Basket (Pastel) *Free* by La Galleria

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hoppity Hop - Bubz Babez' Easter Outfit ♥

Hiya Dollies! We are so excited! Blooming Flowers, Beautiful Weather, and Colorful Eggs everywhere! This is Easter Weekend!  My cupcake and I hopped on over to a few Easter Themed Sims.  Starting the weekend off on Bunny Feet, my cupcake decided to wear this adorable Easter Outfit from Bubz Babez.  It's so casually cute with the canary yellow tank top basked in tiny flowers and pink spaghetti straps, a matching layered skirt, flowered leggings, and pink Mary Jane shoes. In the center of the chest area, is a precious bunny with the words 'Happy Easter'.  Also included with your purchase is what I consider Bunny bonus items. These items are; a pair of cute bunny ears, 2 hair bows, a set of bangle bracelets, a Colorful Easter Basket with delightfully designed Easter Eggs, and a fluffy white bunny tail.  Toddledoo Kid and Baby sizes are available. Items are re-sizable as well. Talk about Bunny Boooti-ful! ♥

 If you are looking for a cool place to hang out for Easter with Family/Friends, check out the 2013 Easter Town.  There are quite a few activities to enjoy along with a Free Bunny Hop Bouncing Ball.  You can visit by clicking here.

Easter Day Outfit - (Easter Basket, Bunny Ears & Tail included) by Bubz Babez -*Thank You♥
Hair - Ema2 (Onyx) by D!va
  Earrings - (Cutie-Cupcake) by Turducken
Rings - Flower Rings by Skyla Cyannis
Binky - (Bunny Pacifier) by Tagada Kid's
Pose - (Dressy) by Click Poses & Props
Location: 2013 Easter Town Sim 

*Credits - (Please See Previous Pic)
-Fluffy White Bunny Tail-
Location: 2013 Easter Town Sim 

Spring Kitty Break ♥

Hello My Dollies! Spring is here and Easter is right at our doorstep! I'm sure you are looking forward to all the delicious candy and creative baskets this time of year.  My cupcake and I, are still trying to decide on what we will do to make our Easter fun and memorable.

While we were brainstorming on ideas for Easter...My cupcake wore this adorable Kitty Outfit from Baby Princess. It is such a precious Onesie, with its soft blue polka-dotted fabric and purple (my cupcake's favorite color) accents.  The outfit comes complete with three bows; two for the hair and one for the chest area, a pair of cuddly socks with bows, a binky, a cute pair of kitty ears, a curled kitty tail with bows, and an adorable matching kitty toy. Other colors are available and its created for the Baby/Toddleedoo Mesh Avatar only.  Such a Purrrty Kitty!

 MewMew Outfit - (Blue/Purple) by Baby Princess Kids
 Hair - Style #33 (Color: Black) by DURA Hair Shop
Pose - (Shy Pose Set) by MAUS
 Location: Magic of Oz

Outfit - *See Previous Pic
 - Back View of Kitty Tail -
 Location: Magic of Oz

Outfit - *See First Pic
 - Side View of Kitty Tail -
 Location: Magic of Oz

Thursday, March 21, 2013

TiddlyBits & WoopsieDoo ♥

Hello my Dollies! I just love too see some of the darling names Creators come up with. TiddlyBits Homes offer homes and furnishings geared toward the Toddleedoo.  The newly released 'Candy Dreams Bedroom' is both girly and colorful with shades of pink, white, and yellow.  The complete set includes the bed with poses, 2 nightstands with lamps, a rug with pillow/poses, a chest, dresser with vase, picture frames, mirror, and a cute little activity desk (not pictured) with poses also. It's 100% mesh, so make sure you are using a mesh-enabled viewer to appreciate its beauty. To check out this precious bedroom in-world or to get a glimpse of their other adorable furnishings, homes, and here.

  Outfit - *Please See Below
Bedroom Set - (Candy Dream - Mesh) by TiddlyBits Homes
  Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses
Location: TiddlyBits Kontrast Sim

Another beautiful cornerstone of Spring besides the weather, is all the pretty colors; hues of pink, peach, yellow, blue and green just to name a few.  All excited that Spring is finally here, we decided to dress my cupcake in this adorable outfit by Woopsiedoo (love the name...giggles).  A pair of cute arm warmers are included with matching socks and Mary Janes shoes. The knit fabric coordinated with plaid, both on the sleeves and bottom of the dress make it the perfect casual ensemble for Springtime.  Pretty in Pink! ♥

Garden Girl Outfit(Pink) - (Arm Warmers, Socks & Mary Janes inc) by WoopsieDoo
Hair - Velvet w/Bows (Blks/Whites Pack - Raven) by Truth Hair
  Pacifier - (Misa Jammies Outfit - Pink) by Baby Princess Kids
Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses
TiddlyBits Kontrast Sim

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How May I Style You Today? - Hairstyles for Toddledoo ♥

Hi Dollies! Welcome to Our Hair Salon... (Not Really...giggles). I  know it can be a challenge to find hairstyles that fit perfectly for those cute little heads.  My cupcake and I, are always looking for creators who allow you to re-size the hair with ease.  Meaning, hair that has a re-size HUD provided, instead of having to do it manually.  Unfortunately, some of the Mesh hairstyles that we have come across, doesn't allow you to re-size at all, and they do not fit the Toddledoo's head appropriately.

The Creator Highlight of the Day is: DURA Hair Shop;  With a nice variety of kids and adult styles (male, female, and EMO), not only does the hair come in a nice selection of colors, they also provide a very simple to use re-size HUD.  You will find some of their latest releases in the pics below.  Please note: My cupcake is wearing the Demo.  I suggest you always try a demo before purchasing to ensure a great fit. Click here, if you would like to visit the in-world store. ♥

Hair - Style #43 & #42 (Color: Black) by DURA Hair Shop
  Pacifier - (Butterfly Binky - Purple) by Baby Princess Kids
Earrings - (Cupcake) by Turducken 
Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses

Hair - Style #41 & #38 (Color: Black) by DURA Hair Shop
Headband on No. 38 (Halle Outfit - *FREE) by Little Ones Couture  
Pacifier - (Butterfly Binky - Purple) by Baby Princess Kids
Earrings - (Cupcake) by Turducken 
Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses

Hair - Style #39 (Color: Black) by DURA Hair Shop
  Pacifier - (Butterfly Binky - Purple) by Baby Princess Kids
Earrings - (Cupcake) by Turducken 
Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teleport Back In Time - The Arcade Gacha Event ♥

Well Hello My Dollies! Finally caught up with some important tasks at hand and a much needed break was calling my name.  With that said, my Cupcake and I, decided to head over to The Arcade Gacha Event! The sim was full with a constant flow of people, so it took us quite some time to get access.  Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!  Packed with over 80 of the best designers and builders in Second Life, it is a must to visit.  You will find an array of Gacha Machines randomly offering high quality prizes at an unbelievable cost.  We were able to get some amazing items for me as well as my little Cupcake. 

Another neat feature of the arcade, is the ability to trade items with other shoppers.  For instance, if you wanted a specific item other than the one you can offer it up for trade, since items bought are transferable.  I really wanted the beautiful dollhouse from Pilot for my cupcake.  I didn't get it through the Gacha Machine, however, I was able to trade off with another shopper who did. Woohoo! Now that is Amazing!

Events for The Arcade Gacha Event are planned for this month, June, September, and December.  Grab your family/friends...take a trip to see all the fun, excitement, and of course, the incredible prizes.  You can visit by clicking here

  Outfit - *Please See Below
Dollhouse - (Fairfield - Mesh) by Pilot
  Toy Bear - (Baby Bear - Pink) by Baby Princess Kids

My cupcake wore a cute Bumblebee outfit from BabyPie.  Included with your purchase is; a sparkling Antenna Headband with two polka-dotted hearts attached, a precious flowing pink tutu, striped tights, and pink ballerina flats.  Pictured on the cap-sleeved top is a whimsical Cupid Bumblebee.  Bumbleee Adorable from Head to Toe ♥  Bzzz..Bzzz....

  BumbleyBeeMine Outfit - (Headband, Tights & Ballerina Flats inc) by BabyPie
Hair - Dolly (Blks/Whites Pack - Raven) by Truth Hair
  Pacifier - (High Glitz Binky - Gray) by Baby Princess Kids
Earrings - (Cupcake) by Turducken
Pose - (Ballerina Model Pack) by Posey