Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Kitty Break ♥

Hello My Dollies! Spring is here and Easter is right at our doorstep! I'm sure you are looking forward to all the delicious candy and creative baskets this time of year.  My cupcake and I, are still trying to decide on what we will do to make our Easter fun and memorable.

While we were brainstorming on ideas for Easter...My cupcake wore this adorable Kitty Outfit from Baby Princess. It is such a precious Onesie, with its soft blue polka-dotted fabric and purple (my cupcake's favorite color) accents.  The outfit comes complete with three bows; two for the hair and one for the chest area, a pair of cuddly socks with bows, a binky, a cute pair of kitty ears, a curled kitty tail with bows, and an adorable matching kitty toy. Other colors are available and its created for the Baby/Toddleedoo Mesh Avatar only.  Such a Purrrty Kitty!

 MewMew Outfit - (Blue/Purple) by Baby Princess Kids
 Hair - Style #33 (Color: Black) by DURA Hair Shop
Pose - (Shy Pose Set) by MAUS
 Location: Magic of Oz

Outfit - *See Previous Pic
 - Back View of Kitty Tail -
 Location: Magic of Oz

Outfit - *See First Pic
 - Side View of Kitty Tail -
 Location: Magic of Oz