Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teleport Back In Time - The Arcade Gacha Event ♥

Well Hello My Dollies! Finally caught up with some important tasks at hand and a much needed break was calling my name.  With that said, my Cupcake and I, decided to head over to The Arcade Gacha Event! The sim was full with a constant flow of people, so it took us quite some time to get access.  Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!  Packed with over 80 of the best designers and builders in Second Life, it is a must to visit.  You will find an array of Gacha Machines randomly offering high quality prizes at an unbelievable cost.  We were able to get some amazing items for me as well as my little Cupcake. 

Another neat feature of the arcade, is the ability to trade items with other shoppers.  For instance, if you wanted a specific item other than the one you can offer it up for trade, since items bought are transferable.  I really wanted the beautiful dollhouse from Pilot for my cupcake.  I didn't get it through the Gacha Machine, however, I was able to trade off with another shopper who did. Woohoo! Now that is Amazing!

Events for The Arcade Gacha Event are planned for this month, June, September, and December.  Grab your family/friends...take a trip to see all the fun, excitement, and of course, the incredible prizes.  You can visit by clicking here

  Outfit - *Please See Below
Dollhouse - (Fairfield - Mesh) by Pilot
  Toy Bear - (Baby Bear - Pink) by Baby Princess Kids

My cupcake wore a cute Bumblebee outfit from BabyPie.  Included with your purchase is; a sparkling Antenna Headband with two polka-dotted hearts attached, a precious flowing pink tutu, striped tights, and pink ballerina flats.  Pictured on the cap-sleeved top is a whimsical Cupid Bumblebee.  Bumbleee Adorable from Head to Toe ♥  Bzzz..Bzzz....

  BumbleyBeeMine Outfit - (Headband, Tights & Ballerina Flats inc) by BabyPie
Hair - Dolly (Blks/Whites Pack - Raven) by Truth Hair
  Pacifier - (High Glitz Binky - Gray) by Baby Princess Kids
Earrings - (Cupcake) by Turducken
Pose - (Ballerina Model Pack) by Posey