Sunday, April 7, 2013

Care for My Puppy ♥

Hello My Dollies! Throughout my previous posts, I have shown an expressed interest in Kittens, when actually, I have a love for all animals.  I was inspired by Bubz Boom, creator of Bubz Babez, to do a brief post on puppies.  She created this cute "Puppy Outfit" and I just could not wait to share it with you.  Fact: *Did you know, that puppies are considered one of the smartest animals; with a keen instinct and the ability to show unique behavior for people?  I am sure you have heard the term, "man's best friend", in retrospect, a puppy clearly earns this title.  They are known to stick by their owner's side no matter what.  At your leisure, take a look at these 7 loyal dogs...Pawsome! ♥

Just like a puppy, the "Puppy Outfit" is so precious!  The strapless cross-stitched corset in mustard yellow and brown makes it truly unique.  The outfit comes complete with a lovely tutu; made in tulle fabric boasting in matching colors, stripped leggings, a brown ribbon for the front waist area, a pair of Mary Janes, AND... get this...soft-fold puppy ears, and a Puppy-Face Tattoo to add that special pizazz.  To see this outfit and other adorable items by  Bubz Babez, click here to visit her store in-world. Such a Pretty Pup! ♥

 "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
- Anatole France

                                                                                                                            *Source: First World Facts
Outfit- (Lil' Puppy Outfit) by Bubz Babez -Thank You♥
Hair - (Mimi -Type A - Onyx)- Hairpins Included by D!va
Earrings & Necklace - (Doggy Jewelry Set - Gold) by Little Ones Couture
Bracelet - *Solara Outfit (Gold) by Baby Princess
Pose - (Dressy) by Click Poses & Props
Toy - (Sweet Puppy) by Sweet Baby
Location: Ozimals Sim