Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wacky Wednesday - Pick of the Day ♥

Hey there my Dollies!  Even though Wednesday is almost over for me...I just couldn't let it pass me by without sharing DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick of the Day! You see, one great feature about the Wacky Wednesday Sale, is that there is still time remaining to get by your favorite store and pick up the item for 75 lindens or less! Remember it's a weekly sale...You can visit the Wacky Wednesday Official Blog for more details.

There were so many cute items to choose from.  My cupcake and I had a hard time choosing.  We decided to go with the adorable 'Sally' outfit by Marmelade. For only 70 lindens, its a very sweet deal!

DollyBird's WW Pick of the Day:

Marmelade - Sally Outfit (Aqua):
Cute and Comfy describes the 'Sally' Outfit with its cool striped tank and pleated flair skirt. In the middle of the chest area, sits a unique floral picture of an anchor with a butterfly sitting gently on top.  A precious pair of Moccasins (my fav) are included with your purchase.  Available in Toddledoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  Another DollyBird Steal of a Deal! Ahoy! Darling Matey

Outfit- (Sally-Aqua) by Marmelade
Hair - (#139 Jet Black)- Bows Included by LoveSoul
Earrings - (Gemstone) by Turducken
Flowers in Hair - (Adile-Dark Grayscale) by Lelutka
Toy - (Sheep-BM) by D-Lab
Pose - (Dressy) by Click Poses & Props
Location: The Noble Storybook, Isle of Myth Sim

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toy Time and Fun at D-LAB ♥

Well hello My Dollies!  I hope everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend!  My cupcake and I were out shopping this weekend, and we found this adorable animated giraffe at D-LAB (Pictured below in 3rd Pic).  I have an older version of a giraffe in her room already, and when we saw the one at D-LAB, it became easily replaceable. 

Not only is D-LAB full of toys, furniture, plants, and tiny toy avatars...the whole architectural design of the sky shop is truly amazing!  After we finished shopping, we just couldn't leave without exploring all the other areas. 

Don't believe me?  You can see it for yourself by clicking here.  Make it a day of fun by tagging along your family and/or friends.  Totally Awesome

D-LAB Landmark

D-LAB Landmark

D-LAB Landmark

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 4th Annual Berry Festival - Cute Bytes Part II ♥

Hiya My Dollies! As I stated in my previous post, here are two outfits out of all the awesome items at the 4th Annual Berry Festival!  This wonderful event starting today and held until June 23rd, gives you time to get there and partake in all the shopping and fun!  To find out more information, click here to visit Cute Bytes official blog.

Ok... ready for some goodies?

Outfit #1 - Cute Bytes - Baby Pixie (Strawberry) - 75 Lindens:
Want to be a cute little Strawberry, like my cupcake? The Pixie 'Strawberry' inspired outfit is so precious with its halter style top and leafy bottom. The overall fabric is beautifully textured.  It can be worn as an adorable bathing suit or onesie.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid sizes.  Berry Booti-ful!

Outfit #2 - Aura's - Berry Beebe Romper - 75 Lindens:
 Delicacy at its best, The Berry Beebe Romper is darling in pale blue and tiny berries throughout.  In the middle of the chest area, sits a cute dainty applique of a strawberry basked in white lace. Included with your purchase: 2 bows for the straps, 1 hair bow, a pretty cuff bracelet with partial lace, a lace anklet with bow, an adorable sun hat, and a precious pair of matching flip flops with bows attached. Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid sizes. Berry Cutie!

Outfit- (Baby Pixie - Strawberry) by Cute Bytes (Berry Festival) 
Hair - (#125 Jet Black)- Bows Included by LoveSoul
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
Pose - (Simple Toddleedoo) by Baby Princess
Location: Erdbeeren-Leroy Sim

Outfit- (Berry Beebe Romper ) by Aura's (Berry Festival)
Hair - (#33 Black)- Bows Included by DURA Hair Shop
Teeth - (Baby Teeth) by Petite Bowtique
Pose - (Simple Toddleedoo) by Baby Princess
Location: GoSH Sim

2013 4th Annual Berry Festival - Cute Bytes ♥

Hello My Dollies!  The 4th Annual Berry Festival presented by Hullabaloo is here!  This is a personal celebration by Bit and Jayme of Cute Bytes. They are celebrating the start of Summer and Everything Juicy!  Starting today thru June 23rd, there is a special edition of themed products by some of your favorite designers for only 75 lindens.  Adding to the fun and excitement of shopping, is a hunt and game named, 'Berry Penny'!  Hunt and collect as many berries as you can...then use those berries to buy in the 'Blender Vendors'!  Be on the look out for other interesting events of Drama Shows and Dancing Exhibitions held throughout the month. 

For more details, visit the Cute Bytes official blog, by clicking here

My cupcake and I were so ecstatic as we went from one cute Berry Booth to the next.  We bought some amazing outfits and I will be sharing two of them in the next post. 

2013 4th Annual Berry Festival Landmark
Following is a list of current creators that are participating in this wonderful event;  Take your family and/or friends for a Merry Berry Good Time at The Berry Festival, located on the Hullabaloo Sim! ♥

Current Particpators:
  • Aura's
  • Babydolls Boutique
  • Candii Kitten
  • Cute Bytes
  • Daisies & Denim
  • Forget Me Not
  • Inner Peace
  • LVS Kids
  • Oh Daisies Boutique
  • Rawr Muffinz
  • Rayne Drops
  • Razzberry
  • Royal Pain
  • Shabby Strawberry
  • So Cute
  • Sunshine Kidz
  • Tikkels
  • Zonk

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Sale* - Little Monster Kids & Ruby's Closet ♥

Hey My Dollies...It's me again!  Sharing with you, DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Deal of the Day!  So get ready...the award goes too...(Drum roll)...Little Monster Kids & Ruby's Closet! (Giggles).  Yes! My cupcake and I were excited to see the 'Spring Plaid Sundress Outfit' on the Wacky Wednesday Board.  Just wait to see whats included  for only $65 lindens!  That's Right! 65 lindens!

If you are not familiar with the weekly 'Wacky Wednesday Sale Event for Kids'...visit their official blog, by clicking here.  You can also get a weekly update of participating stores by joining the Group in-world.   

DollyBird's WW Pick of the Day:

Little Monster Kids & Ruby's Closet - Spring Plaid Sundress:
Precious plaid in a soft fabric of pastels is the highlight of this adorable sleeveless dress. 
Detailed with wide shoulder straps, empire waist, three pale green buttons above the waistband, and a slighty ruffled hem in pink.  Included with your purchase: A set of matching bangles for both arms, 2 hair bows in pink/green, a pink pacifier, cute matching bow-tie thong sandals, and a darling little purse in matching plaid.  Definitely a DollyBird Steal of a Deal! Pretty in Plaid!

Outfit - (Spring Plaid Sundress) by Little Monster Kids & Ruby's Closet
Hair - Ema2 (Onyx - Headband Included) by D!va
  Rings - (Flower) by Skyla Cyannis
Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses
 Location -  Petit Pas Sim

Purretes* - Cherry-O Cuteness ♥

Hello There My Dollies! It's a Wonderful Wednesday!  Here we are in the middle of the week, and its the perfect time for me to present you with a sweet treat!  Take a look at the adorable 'Chereza' Outfit by Purretes!

So very cute and precious in design, the 'Chereza' Outfit is excellent for those nice summer days.  It's a darling one-piece strapless romper (mesh) in a solid red fabric with cherry print. Comes in a choice of two colors; Red/White and Red/Black.  Available in Toddledoo Baby/Kid Sizes.

Included in your purchase: a darling necklace with a cherry pendant, cherry-drop earrings, a binky with a cherry attached, and a matching pair of jelly sandals with tiny cherries throughout.  Sweet Cherry-licious!

Outfit- (Cereza-White) by Purretes
Hair - (Sunny - Night Shadow)- by Wasabi Pills
Hair Bows - (Billy Dress Outfit - Red) by
Rings - (Flower) by Skyla CyannisBracelet - (Cowgirl Dress) by Petite Bowtique 
Pose - (Everyday Poses) by Forget Me Not
Tricycle - (Mothers Day Trike) by Forget Me Not

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bubz Babez * - "If The Crown Fits..." ♥

TGIF My Dollies!  Hoping everyone had a GREAT week so far!  I wanted to take a moment to share this Beautiful Princess Toddleedoo Bedroom Set from 'Bubz Babez'.  My cupcake and I were in total awe as we unpacked all the furniture pieces for pictures.  This is a grand set with many pieces to complete your Little Princess' Bedroom.  The pastel colors of lavender, pink, and white makes it easy to coordinate with any home decor.   Included in your purchase is the following:

  • Princess Canopy Bed w/ Sheer Curtains and a Crown Headboard
  • Vanity and Stool with Damask Fabric
  • Matching Bench with  Floral Pillows
  • Toy Rocking Horse
  • Toy Shelving Unit
  • Crown Rug with Pillow Grouping
  • 3 - Hanging Diamond Stars (Purple-small, Blue-large, & Pink-large)
  • Kitty Television (mesh) with Stand 
  • Framed Wall Pictures - Set of 4
  • Wall Decal - says... "It's Not Easy Being A Princess, but hey if the crown fits..." (The Decal also has a Blinking Crown, which can be turned on/off by touch.
Lots of built-in animations and poses.  For Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Avatars, however, if necessary, poses can be adjusted.  Absolutely Adorable!

Credits: Picture 1
Princess Toddleedoo Bedroom Set by Bubz Babez

Credits: Picture 2
Princess Toddleedoo Bedroom Set by Bubz Babez

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two By Sea* - Wacky Wednesday Sale! ♥

Hi Again My Dollies!  This is a continuation of DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick of the Day - Part 1.  You can click here to read the previous post
When we noticed this Wacky Wednesday item, I had to do a Part II.   I mentioned before that I love to collect home decor, and this item is indeed a perfect addition for my little Cupcake.

(For Wacky Wednesday's Official Blog) - Click Here

DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick of the Day - Part II:

'Two By Sea' - "Jesus Loves Me" Shelf - This classic wall shelving is made of solid white wood with two picture frames, and a cute brown bear sitting on top.  The smaller frame has "Jesus Loves Me" and you can add your own picture to the larger one.  Permissions are copy and mod.  On sale for only 41 Lindens!  What a DollyBird Decorative Deal!

Shelf- (Jesus Loves Me) by Two By Sea 

TiddleyWinks* - Wacky Wednesday Sale! ♥

Ahoy My Dollies Mate!  It's DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick of the Day! On every Wednesday, some of your favorite creators, place an item on sale for 75 Lindens or less.  It's a lot of fun to bounce from store to store, just to see whats on their Wacky Wednesday Board. For more information, please visit the Wacky Wednesday official blog here.  Be sure to join the group in-world to get a current list of participators.

(Today, I have two "Item Picks" to share with you.  The second item will be in the next post). 

Now... for DollyBird's WW Pick of the Day #1:

'TiddleyWinks' (giggles, love the name) Matey Outfit:
Comfy and Relaxing...The "Matey" Outfit is perfect for those sunny days at dock side.  The two-piece consist of an adorable pair of  flare-leg lounge pants in subtle stripes of gray/white, and a matching white tank with a cute picture of an anchor in the middle chest area.  Included with your purchase; a set of bows for the tank and 1 bow for the pants.  You will also receive a precious pair of matching canvas flats.  Available in Toddledoo Baby/Kid Sizes.   Ahoy Matey Marvelous!

Outfit- (Matey) by TiddleyWinks 
Hair - (F022-Grayscale)- Bow Included by Cheveux
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
Ring - (Ooh Cupcakes - Black) by LacieCakes
Pacifier - Pandie Head Binky (White) by PipSqueaKs
Pose - (Simple Toddledoo) by Baby Princess
Toy - (Plushie Pals - Squee the Panda) by Intrique - The Arcade Event

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Candii Kitten* - Sweet Roses ♥

Hiya My Dollies! Guess what DollyBird's favorite flower is?  You guessed it... The Rose.  You may ask... What does DollyBird "Love" about the Rose? Well...I love the variety of colors, the dainty scent, and most importantly, its elegant beauty.  When my Cupcake and I came across Candii Kitten's 'Quinn' was indeed a must-have!  This precious dress with ruffle sleeves (top & mesh skirt) comes in a variety of colors; Pink/Turquoise, Purple/Green, and Blue/Mustard.  You will also find in your purchase; 2 Beaded Bracelets, 1 Floral Rose Headband, 1 Hairbow, 1 Bow for the Chest Area, A Soft White Cardigan (not pictured), a Leather Belt,  pretty thong sandals with a tiny rose on the top, and a lovely basket full of Roses to match.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes. Such A Darling Rose!

Outfit- (Quinn - Blue Mustard) by Candii Kitten Kids Store
Hair - Quinn (Blks/Whites Pack - Espresso) by Truth Hair
Earrings - (Cutie-Gemstone) by Turducken
Rings - (Flower) by Skyla Cyannis
Pose - (Dressy) by
Click Poses & Props
Location - Dancing Darlings Academy Sim

Sunday, May 5, 2013

SL's Sand & Sea Expo* - Goodies Part III

Hi There My Dollies!  Here is the final post of DollyBird's Goodies from the Sand & Sea Expo.  Remember, today is the last day of this wonderful event.  You still have time to visit and view all the creative exhibits along with everything else it has to offer.  I know you want to see what the "magic" shell has in store for you.


The final goodies I have to share comes from another favorite creator of mine, HeadHunter's Island!  I love the beach and I thoroughly enjoy island living on Second Life.  Furthermore, I was blown away again with some more Great Prizes. ♥

All the beautiful pieces flow together, so I would say its a complete set-up.  I received the following: (1) A Woven Tiki Rug, (2) A Woven Headhunter's Beach Chair, (3) Tall Table, (4) An Old Chest with 4 Poses (2 Laying and 2 Sitting), and a Kiwi/Mango Drink Tray.

I just want to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this Special Event.  Where would Second Life be without people such as yourself? It takes a good bit of  time and energy to ensure the success of such an event...and with that said, DollyBird extends a Personal Thanks to Each & Everyone of You! ♥

Everything By: HeadHunter's Island 
Woven Beach Chair
Woven Tiki Carpet
Tall Table
Old Chest
Kiwi/Mango Drink Tray

Credits: (Closeup)
Kiwi/Mango Drink Tray by HeadHunter's Island

SL's Sand & Sea Expo* - Goodies Part II

Hello again My Dollies... Here is Part II of DollyBird's Goodies from the Sand & Sea Expo!  If you didn't see Part I, click here.


I must admit, I am a home decor collector.  Meaning, even if I don't have use for it right away...If I like, I will buy.  Never know when it comes in handy...right? Giggles!  Well, I was so grateful and excited to receive these wonderful prizes from 'Chez Moi Furnitures'!

The Sailboat in the Bottle:  A very nice piece to add that special touch to nautical or beach decor, and even a child's bedroom. (Picture Enlarged for Detail)   

Outdoor Lovers' Bench (for adults...giggles): Its so romantic with leaves and a bare sparkle tree included.  Two cute lovebirds sit gently in the middle on the tree's branches.  Comes with 9 couple poses.

FreeLife Pergola - Very beautiful for some quality time outdoors.  Made out of wood with Pink Blossoms and short wild grass for a cozy setting.  A picnic table and basket is also included.  

Towel Chill Blanket - Time to relax and get some reading in with this pretty gingham style blanket in pastels of yellow and white.  Included is a matching stripped pillow with a flower laying softly on top.  Comes with 4 poses; 2 relaxing and 2 reading.  A book will rez when either one of the reading poses are activated. 

Decor - (Boat Bottle)  by Chez Moi Furnitures
Outdoor Bench - (Bench Lover's)  by Chez Moi Furnitures
Pergola - (Free Life)  by Chez Moi Furnitures

Picnic Table & Basket - (FreeLife)  by Chez Moi Furnitures

Picnic Blanket - (Towel Chill)  by Chez Moi Furnitures
My Cupcake's Outfit - (Suri ) by BabyPie
Hair - (Mayumi3 - Onyx) by D!va

SL's Sand & Sea Expo* - Goodies Part I

Hi My Dollies! I have to tell you...We are having some beautiful weather here after a few days of rain... It felt so good to get out yesterday and soak in some sunshine.  Speaking of sunny weather, I'm going to share some of my wonderful goodies from the Sand & Sea Expo! I decided to break it up into a three-part stay tuned for the next two as well.

Unfortunately, I couldn't share everything.  Hopefully, you can get an idea of just how amazing these gifts are.  Today is the LAST day of the event.  So make sure you carve out some time in your day to pay a visit.  You never know what you will come home with!

THE BEACHCOMBER EVENT! goes!  Goodies - Part 1:  Take a look at these cute Surfing Kitties from KittyCats!  They are so adorable and hilarious at the same time. My cupcake and I are so excited to receive them!  All are surfing away on their surfboards with tiny splash particles...(Check out "WipeOut!" giggles) Woohoo! Gooo Surfer Kitty! ♥

Surfing Kitty - (Bengal Tawny) by KittyCats
Hair - Vivynne (Black Pearl) by Damselfly
Earrings - (Happy New Year Gift - Mesh - Gold) by KIM
Eyewear - (Allant - Onyx) by Crie Style
Top - (Cupio Splatter - Sunset) by Maitreya

Surfing Kitty - (Foxie Blondie) by KittyCats
Hair - Vivynne (Black Pearl) by Damselfly
Earrings - (Happy New Year Gift - Mesh - Gold) by KIM
Eyewear - (Allant - Onyx) by Crie Style
Top - (Cupio Splatter - Sunset) by Maitreya

Surfing Kitty - (Pandie Ebony & Ivory) by KittyCats
Hair - Vivynne (Black Pearl) by Damselfly
Earrings - (Happy New Year Gift - Mesh - Gold) by KIM
Eyewear - (Allant - Onyx) by Crie Style
Top - (Cupio Splatter - Sunset) by Maitreya

Surfing Kitty - (Silver Tabby) by KittyCats
Hair - Vivynne (Black Pearl) by Damselfly
Earrings - (Happy New Year Gift - Mesh - Gold) by KIM
Eyewear - (Allant - Onyx) by Crie Style
Top - (Cupio Splatter - Sunset) by Maitreya

Surfing Kitty - (WipeOut! - Rare*) by KittyCats
Hair - Vivynne (Black Pearl) by Damselfly
Earrings - (Happy New Year Gift - Mesh - Gold) by KIM
Eyewear - (Allant - Onyx) by Crie Style
Top - (Cupio Splatter - Sunset) by Maitreya

Thursday, May 2, 2013

SL's Sand & Sea Expo* - FUN in the SUN ♥

Hola My Dollies!  SL's Sand & Sea Expo is underway! I had the opportunity to visit this Beautiful Sim and it's truly an experience to enjoy.  You will definitely lose yourself with the feeling of an amazing Harbor atmosphere and a chance to see some of your favorite creator's exhibits.  Not to mention, the FREE Prizes!   It's also a must to visit the Underwater World (a separate area)!  My hat goes off to Oceania Breedables, the Coordinating Team, and Participators of this Event!  What an awesome job ♥

While walking around,  I stopped over by one of our favorite exhibitors, 'KittyCats', and I had the opportunity to meet the Creator herself, the lovely +Callie Cline.  What a pleasure! Unfortunately, my cupcake missed out, but she was ecstatic when I told her... (giggles).


You still have 3 days left to see all the FUN and win some PRIZES.  Don't miss out!  For more information, click here for the official Sand and Sea Expo Blog. ♥




Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SL's 1st Annual 2013 Sand & Sea Expo* ♥

F is for Friends who do stuff together
U is for You and Meeee
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the Deep Blue Sea!!!


Well hello there My Dollies! My cupcake and I are sitting here listening to the 'Spongebob* Fun Song' while getting ready for the 1st Annual 2013 Sand & Sea Expo! Yes! It's time for some FUN in the SUN, starting May 2nd - May 5th.  'Oceania Breedables' has been working hard for over a year now, to bring you the BEST in Wonders and Mysteries of REAL Ocean Life.  It's a Give-Away Hunt and you will have a chance to win FREE Amazing Prizes along your journey.


Doesn't that sound exciting?! Don't forget! On May 2nd - May 5th, be sure to grab your family and friends for a Fun-Filled Day at this Wonderful Event.  Click here for more details.  For your convenience, I have included a list of the vendors below; My cupcake and I will be there...Join Us for a Beach Blasting Good Time! ♥   

Oceania Breedables
The Abyss Observatory


SSS Southern Seas Ships


{what next}

THE Beachstore

Fruit Islands
Triumphal Yacht Club


Leeward Cruise Club

***MnM Designs**
Jamy’s Shop

TUFF Old Boats
Hana Aloha Surfing Paradise

Ocean Shores Surf Beach

Mermaid Treasure and Boutique
Weston Marina

HeadHunter’s Island

Jp Collections

SSS Southern Seas Ships

*BOOM* Clothing Co.

Nantucket Yacht Club
CHEZ MOI Furnitures
Deep Seas Mer Outfitters
Fishers Island Yacht Club
Starboards Yacht Club
Safe Waters Foundation
Two Moon Paradise
Hollywood Real Estate