Sunday, May 5, 2013

SL's Sand & Sea Expo* - Goodies Part III

Hi There My Dollies!  Here is the final post of DollyBird's Goodies from the Sand & Sea Expo.  Remember, today is the last day of this wonderful event.  You still have time to visit and view all the creative exhibits along with everything else it has to offer.  I know you want to see what the "magic" shell has in store for you.


The final goodies I have to share comes from another favorite creator of mine, HeadHunter's Island!  I love the beach and I thoroughly enjoy island living on Second Life.  Furthermore, I was blown away again with some more Great Prizes. ♥

All the beautiful pieces flow together, so I would say its a complete set-up.  I received the following: (1) A Woven Tiki Rug, (2) A Woven Headhunter's Beach Chair, (3) Tall Table, (4) An Old Chest with 4 Poses (2 Laying and 2 Sitting), and a Kiwi/Mango Drink Tray.

I just want to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this Special Event.  Where would Second Life be without people such as yourself? It takes a good bit of  time and energy to ensure the success of such an event...and with that said, DollyBird extends a Personal Thanks to Each & Everyone of You! ♥

Everything By: HeadHunter's Island 
Woven Beach Chair
Woven Tiki Carpet
Tall Table
Old Chest
Kiwi/Mango Drink Tray

Credits: (Closeup)
Kiwi/Mango Drink Tray by HeadHunter's Island