Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two By Sea* - Wacky Wednesday Sale! ♥

Hi Again My Dollies!  This is a continuation of DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick of the Day - Part 1.  You can click here to read the previous post
When we noticed this Wacky Wednesday item, I had to do a Part II.   I mentioned before that I love to collect home decor, and this item is indeed a perfect addition for my little Cupcake.

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DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick of the Day - Part II:

'Two By Sea' - "Jesus Loves Me" Shelf - This classic wall shelving is made of solid white wood with two picture frames, and a cute brown bear sitting on top.  The smaller frame has "Jesus Loves Me" and you can add your own picture to the larger one.  Permissions are copy and mod.  On sale for only 41 Lindens!  What a DollyBird Decorative Deal!

Shelf- (Jesus Loves Me) by Two By Sea