Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hi there My Dollies! I hope your weekend is going great so far! I got the opportunity to hang out yesterday at the 'USA Independence Fair', hosted by Soken Kids!  Talk about a blasting good time!  DJ Squirrely Voss kept the crowd hyped with his fresh beats on the Mic! I hit a few moves myself...(giggles).   The Celebration is on-going until July 4th, lots of time remaining for you to get by there and enjoy. 

There are plenty of events scheduled sure to tune in to the Soken's group in-world or visit their official blog, by clicking here.  I have also listed the schedule in one of my previous post. Check it out...

DJ Squirrely Voss

I managed to snap a few shots of all the excitement.  Yesterday, Soken Kids were also giving away a $1000 gift card! That's right $1000! Lots of Prizes are featured, as well as Freebies at each of the vendor's stalls. 

Be sure to grab your family and/or friends for this amazing event!  Don't miss out on this wonderful celebration... Get your Dance On!




Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello My Dollies!  Here to share with you, the last day of a Whole New World.  The 'Under the Sea Expo' event, sponsored by Oceania Breedables ended yesterday, on June 26th.  It was indeed a wonderful experience of shopping and hunting. Out of all my days on Second Life, I can honestly say...I have never seen anything like it.  Do I wish it could have been a permanent stay? Yes! (Giggles)...but least we can look forward to more exciting events in the near future by Oceania and the Crew!

My cupcake and I took to the streets of the Reborn Atlantis City.  She wore a darling mermaid outfit, in which I will share with you in detail on my next post.  I wore this beautiful Shell Dress that I found from Evie's Closet at Under the Sea.  We both felt fanciful and full of fun as we swam throughout the stores.  We were thrilled at the amazing scenery.  My cupcake wanted to swim with every fish, dolphin, sharks (I'm pretty sure they were friendly...giggles) and Kitties she could find.  She was also blown away by one of her favorite stores, KittyCats...whom had an awesome exhibit of Kitties swimming and floating around.  Every store had its unique contribution to the theme.  I'm grateful that we got the moment to share in this wonderful event.  My hat goes off again to Oceania Breedables and the Team! Definitely a Mystical, Magical, Whole New World! ♥

To stay informed with Oceania Breedables upcoming events and to see other posts related to the Under the Sea Expo, please see their official blog by clicking here
Oceania Breedables - Under the Sea Expo
Under the Sea Expo

My Cupcake trying to Swim Away (giggles) - Under the Sea Expo

Under the Sea Expo

Dress - ( Elodie Shell: Belt, Shell Pasties & Bubbles Inc) by Evie's Closet (UTS Expo)
Hair - Ruth (Black) by EMO-tions
Earrings - (Innocence - Pearls) by Burroughs
Bridle - (The Kelpie's Bridle - Sagittarius Zodiac) by Evie's Closet (UTS Expo)
Under the Sea Expo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hi there My Dollies!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  My cupcake and I got a jump-start on the 'USA Independence Day Fair' hosted by Soken Kids.  We picked up some great goodies and freebies...while listening to some good Jamming Live Music! The schedule is out now... you can view it below to see what exciting upcoming events are scheduled.  Plan a day to hang around some excitement and enjoy!

Landmark (Setting Up)
Schedule of Events

  • June 23
    ✷ 12pm - 2pm SLT  (DJ Team Attak)

  • June 24
    ✷ 4pm - 6pm SLT   (DJ Dammien)

  • June 25
    ✷ 4pm - 6pm SLT  (DJ Diiego)
    ✷ 6pm - 8pm SLT  (DJ Jason St.Clair)

  • June 26
    ✷ 6pm - 8pm SLT  (DJ Ardy)

  • June 27
    ✷ 6pm - 8pm SLT  (DJ Gerrit)

  • June 28
    ✷ 6pm - 8pm SLT  (DJ Preston)

  • June 29
    ✷ 6pm - 8pm SLT  (DJ Squirlly)


For more information regarding the USA Independence Day Fair, please click here for the official Soken Kids Blog.  It's Party Time!!


Friday, June 21, 2013


Hiya my Dollies!  The celebration is on at the USA Independence Day Fair! 'Soken Kids' did an amazing job with the patriotic decorations in an outdoor park-like setting.  I must admit, I felt like a kid again...reminiscing on the days of celebrating Independence Day as a child. 

Enjoy the festivities as you stroll through the market stalls of your favorite designers.  Featuring Free Gifts, Prizes, Monster Motor Races, Live Music, and much more! This is a fun-filled event you do not want to miss.

Soken Kids - Independence Day T-Shirts

Starting today, June 21st - July 4th. There is still plenty of time to partake in this wonderful celebration.  Grab your fireworks, take your family and/or friends.  Make it a day you won't forget! Yay! Par-tay!!

For more information, click here for the Soken Kids official blog, 

UNDER THE SEA EXPO* - Magical Underwater Fun! ♥

TGIF My Dollies!  Yesterday, I felt as if I was in another moment in time...long long ago....emerged into the Ancient Roman Times.  The 'Under the Sea Expo' is truly unbelievable!  Oceania Breedables and her staff pulled it off again.  I guarantee, you will be amazed by the creativeness and thought that was put into this project.  As I walked by each store in the heart of Atlantis...the Exhibitors blew me away with their interior designs adding just the right touch to the overall theme. 


Don't take my word for it... Go by and see it for yourself (giggles).  Not only will you enjoy the complete environment, you will be swept away by the ambiance of it all. Do not forget to participate in the hunt of prizes while shopping to your heart's desire. 

I snapped a few pictures yesterday to give you a glimpse of what to expect.  Go by and have some fun, as you tour the Awesome Mystical and Magical City of Atlantis!  ♥

Visit the Sand, Sea, & Second Life official blog for more details and information.



KittyCatS! - (Interior)

Alternative Fashion -(Interior)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hi There My Dollies! I got some exciting news for you! Get the fireworks started early by celebrating the 4th of July at the 'USA Independence Day Fair', hosted by Soken Kids! That's Right! Starting tomorrow, June 21st - July 4th, expect lots of fun and excitement as you take part in this wonderful celebration.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Diiego Thorn (Creator of Soken Kids) and I couldn't agree more as to why he decided on such an event.  This is his way of strengthening and creating unity among the Baby/Kid Community in Second Life.

So what can we expect at this awesome event?  Well, hold back your sparklers, and let me tell you.  There will be Food, Monster Motor Races, Prizes, Free Gifts at the Market Stalls, Live Music, and Much More!

Take the landmark...Gather your family and/or friends, because you do not want to miss out on a Celebration like this!

If you need further information, you can visit the Soken Kids official blog, by clicking here.
For your convenience, I have included a list of your favorite participators below; Woo! It's Party Time!!!


List of Participating Stores:

  • Attak Wear
  • Applejuice / Mesh Monster
  • Basically Bratty Kids
  • Candii Kitten
  • Lil Owls Boutique
  • Little Nest
  • LVS Kids
  • Marbles Kids/Pufferbillies
  • ND MD Mesh
  • Ollie's Treasure
  • Petite Bowtique
  • Soken Kids Mesh


Hiya My Dollies!  I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!! (Giggles)

The 'Under the Sea Expo', sponsored by Oceania Breedables is underway! Yay! I'm delighted to take part in coverage for this wonderful and mystical underwater event. Starting today at 3 p.m., from June 20th - June 26th,   you have the opportunity to visit the depths of the ocean in Second Life. Explore all it's beauty while searching the mysteries of what is in store for you!

Have some sea-loving fun! Be on the lookout for Awesome Prizes from Exhibitors (one prize per avatar) as you shop and tour the thriving Shopping Market in the Magical City of Atlantis! Breeding Sea Life awaits you as Oceania allow players to unlock a large variety of Sea Life, from realistic mesh sharks, mammals, and much much more!  


Take the submarine and glide on over there with family and/or friends to see the wonders of this exciting 'Under the Sea Expo' event!

For more details, please click here for the 'Sand, Sea, & Second Life' official blog.

Join the 'Oceania Breedables' group in-world to chat and stay informed with current updates.


List of  Participating Exhibitors:
Amaretto Ranch Breedables
Bands of Cypher
Beautiful Freak
Cerridwen's Cauldron
The Cetelogical Museum
Curio Obscura
Evie's Closet
Fantasy Flora
Fior di Perle Skins and Clothes
House of Rain
Mer-chandise Cove
The Muses
Oceania Breedables
Two Moon Paradise
Zohee's Mermaid Designs

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! ♥


What Makes a Dad
God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it ... Dad

Outfit - (Maris) by Baby Pie
Hair - Quinn (Espresso) by Truth
Earrings - (Cutie-Gemstone) by Turducken
Toy - Snuggle Me Bear by NACH Homes & Furnishings
Cupcakes - (Kitchenette Cupcakes) by Vespertine
Chocolate Cake - (Rezzed) by KM Designs 
White Strawberry Cake - (Strawberries/Cream) by Aphrodite Shop 
Flower Vase - (Amelie Plant & Candle Tray) by LISP 
Tea Time Cakes & Tray of Macarons (Arcade) by Tres Blah
Pose - (Happy Father's Day) by Forget Me Not
"F" aithful.
"A" lways there.
"T" rustworthy.
"H" onoring.
"E" ver-loving.
"R" ighteous.
"S" upportive.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Kids Room* - Shopping Showcase ♥

If you are looking for another small neat location to shop, then look no further than 'The Kids Room'.  According to the information provided, "The Kids Room" started its initial run in the kids community of Second Life back in 2011.  They have decided to re-open their doors presenting some of the best kid designers. 

15 designers are given the opportunity to showcase their talents, during a two week rotation; selling their item(s) for a price of 75 - 150 lindens. Guest designers may be invited with each rotation as well.

You can find some unbelievable deals along with quality items.  Take a look at some advantages of shopping at "The Kids Room":

  • 15 Permanent invite-only Designers
  • High Quality Products
  • Single showcase location
  • Guest Creators with a potential of exposure to new products shoppers usually do not see.
  • New Products every two weeks.  Rotation begins the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. SLT
For more information and further details, you can visit 'The Kids Room' official blog, by clicking here.  

The Kids Room - Landmark

Petite Bowtique* - Nothing Over 100 Lindens! - Round 3 ♥

TGIF My Dollies! What's on your agenda for the weekend?  Hanging out with friends and family?  Relaxing with a good movie or book?  How about...Summer Cleaning?  I bet you can guess what my cupcake and I are up too.  If you guessed 'shopping', then you pinned the tail directly on the donkey! (giggles)  We will shop from one location to the next while having some good 'ole fun in the process.  Starting our shopping spree today...we came across another outfit for Round 3 of DollyBird's Nothing Over 100 Lindens!

The 'Paige Dress' by Petite Bowtique definitely made our list. With it's variety outfit option and precious design, you can easily see why it's one of those deals you just can't pass up.  Right now, its on sale for 75 lindens at 'The Kids Room'.  Thats right! 75 Lindens!  If you are not familiar with "The Kids Room", no worries...I will do a separate post regarding this neat little room. Meanwhile, if you would like to head on over there, you can click here for the landmark.  


Petite Bowtique* - (The Kid's Room) 'Paige' Outfit - 75 Lindens:
Dainty and Darling with a print of tiny roses basked in white, the 'Paige' outfit is simply adorable. Its a pleated empire waist sundress with ruffle sleeves.  You have an option to wear it dressy or casual. Included with your purchase is the following:  two hair bows, a matching pair of bloomers, a beaded bracelet with a rose on top in the same print as the dress, a nice big bow for the back of the dress, rose earrings in white, a pair of pink Mary Janes and a pair of matching laceless tennis shoes.  You will also receive a cute little purse with roses inside and a precious sunhat to match.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  There you have it!  A DollyBird Steal of a Deal! Rosey Bootiful! ♥

Credits: (Dressy)
Outfit- (Paige Dress Set) by Petite Bowtique 
Hair - (Lola V1- Espresso)- bands Included by Catwa
Rings - (Flower) by Skyla Cyannis
Pose - (Toddleedoo Simple) by
Baby Princess
Location: Izzie's Mainstore 

Credits: (Casual)
Outfit- (Paige Dress Set) by Petite Bowtique 
Hair - Dura-Girl #22 (Black) by Dura
Rings - (Flower) by Skyla Cyannis
Pose - (Toddleedoo Simple) by
Baby Princess
Location: Izzie's Mainstore 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wacky Wednesday* - DollyBird's Picks ♥

Well hello there my Dollies!  I've been super busy with many projects at hand.  I am certainly not complaining, just going with the flow as I get them accomplished one day at a time. However, I am asking for forgiveness in the timing of this post.  My intentions were to share these items earlier, but as life may have it, other pressing engagements took priority.

So...Here is some good news...Forgive me? (Giggles)

DollyBird has time to announce her Picks for Wacky Wednesday! Yay! Since it is a weekly kids sale event, you also have the time to go by your favorite stores and see what items are  on their boards for Wacky Wednesday.  According to the official Wacky Wednesday Blog; the coordinator is taking a break and will resume the following week.  You can find further details and a quick view of participating stores by clicking here.

Now for the moment you been waiting for... DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Picks:
My cupcake and I, could not stop at just one outfit.  The deals are amazing! We were spoiled again by Madeleine's 'Daddy's Little Cupcake' Outfit and the 'Lilly' Outfit by Polkatots is indeed a must-have.

Outfit #1 - Madeleine's (Daddy's Little Cupcake) Outfit - 46 Lindens!
Ok Madeleine, you did it again...this adorable (mesh) onesie, nicely textured in a soft blue and trimmed in pink, is perfect for those days of relaxation.  In the middle of the chest area is a cute cupcake applique with the words; "Daddy's Little Cupcake" in a blending mix of colors.  It's a very special touch for my cupcake and with Father's Day approaching.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby Size Only.   Cuppycake Cuteness! ♥

Outfit #2 - Polkatots (Lilly) Outfit - 49 Lindens!
Who says little girls belong in Pink?  Well, I believe they are precious in any color.  The 'Lilly' outfit proves just that, with its vibrant colors of red and white.  The top has a print of tiny hearts and flowers with flutter sleeves.  A red bow sits gently on the upper chest area. The red bow is copyable, so we decided to make two copies and use them as hair bows.  The bottom layers of the red skirt is ruffled in the same print as the top.  Also included are an adorable pair of Mary Janes in the matching print along with a cute heart attached on top.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  Heartily Adorable! ♥

  Outfit - (Daddy's Little Cupcake) by Madeleine's
Hair - Raver Buns (Black) by NO (Collabor 88)
   Earrings - (Cutie-Cupcake) by Turducken
Pacifier - (Binky Owl Pastel -Pink) by
Pose - (Playful) by Click Poses & Props
Toy - (Uni-eee Sugar Mesh Plush Unicorn) by Silent Sparrow
Laptop - (Tiara - Pink) by Cupcake Co
Wagon (ED Little Princess Wagon) by Envision Prefabs

Outfit- (Lilly) by Polkatots
Hair - Velvet (Blks/Whites Pack - Night) by Truth Hair
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
Bottle - (Gacha Interactive Toddleedoo - Polka) by Candii Kitten Kids Store 
Bracelet - (Cowgirl Outfit) by Petite Bowtique
Pose - (Playful) by
Click Poses & Props
Location - Inspiration Point Sim

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

*Wacky Wednesday Sale - DollyBird's Pick of the Day ♥

Hello there my Dollies! It's Wonderful Wednesday!  It's also that time for me to share with you... Wacky Wednesday's DollyBird Pick of the Day!  But first, I must give you an update regarding my long chit chat with my cupcake, about her pointing the finger elsewhere.  If you didn't see the story, you can click here for my previous post.  I just had to chuckle at her cute little reason behind it all.  She went on to say with remorse in her eyes, "Mommy, it's so easy to blame someone or something else, because that way I will always be a good girl and not a bad one." Of course, I explained to her that its not right while at the same time understanding the way she felt. She apologized and agreed that she have to be responsible for her own actions. With that being said, I showered her with more love and we took off on our hunt for the Wacky Wednesday Sale Event. 

Like always we had a wonderful time shopping. So many precious items to choose from.  Keep in mind, Wacky Wednesday is a weekly sale kids event. Participating Creators will place an item on sale for $75 lindens or less. For a current list of participators and their products for the week, click here to visit the official Wacky Wednesday Blog. You can also join the group in-world to stay informed.

So, who made the DollyBird's Pick for today?  The precious 'Loren' Outfit by Madeleine's.  On sale now for an unbelievable 53 Lindens! It should be an easy guess as to why my cupcake and I chose this particular outfit.

DollyBird's WW Pick of the Day:

Madeleine's - Loren Outfit:
Nicely textured in an array of colors; pink, powder blue, white, and yellow... the 'Loren' Outfit is simply adorable.  It features a tutu layered in all three colors and a matching tank with a darling cupcake in the middle chest area, (Now you see...its personal...just for My Cupcake - Giggles) and bows that sit gently on the wide straps.  Also included are a pretty pair of thong sandals with bows on the top and on the side buckle.  Available in Toddledoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  My Cupcake Cutiepie!

  Outfit - (Loren) by Madeleine's
Hair - Asami (Onyx) by D!va
   Jewelry - (Cuppycake Set) by TinkerTots
Bracelet - (Gacha - Cupcake Blue) - Buglets

Pose - (Playful) by Click Poses & Props
Toy - (Stuffed Rabbit - Gacha) by HPMD
Furn & Decor (Table, Chairs, Cupcake Tray, & Flower Vase) by TiddlyBits

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Pie* Toddlee-Rama: Nothing Over 100 Lindens! - Round 2 ♥

Happy Terrific Tuesday My Dollies! Before I begin Round 2 of DollyBird's Deals, let me share a mini story with you.  I'm going through this particular stage with my cupcake.  She is beginning to blame everyone or anything for her very own actions.  I walked into her room and coloring papers were balled up and thrown all over the floor.  I spoke with her about it and all she could do was point at our Kitty "Teo" and politely say, "He made me do it".  I giggled and said okay just pick up your mess (not thinking much of it at the time).  The second incident came later today after dinner.  She wanted to take care of dessert.  I said, "Okay, What are we having?"  She stated happily, "Cupcakes".  As I put up the last dish before dessert, she was playing with her little kitchen stove and I noticed the cupcakes on the burner instead of the oven.  Looking at her, I said, "You have to bake cupcakes sweetheart, they go inside the oven".  She looked at me with a calm expression while chewing gum, "I know this Mommy, but My Dolly "Sidney" made me do it".  Now I realize we must make time to have a heart to heart talk. Do you think its time we do? (Giggles).

 Are you ready for Round 2 of DollyBird's Deals?   Great!  Well I'm excited to present to you...The 'Perlia-Peonies' Outfit by Baby Pie.  It's part of the Toddlee-Rama Sale Event and you can receive it for only 50 Lindens.  That's right...50 Lindens!  For more information regarding the Toddlee-Rama Event, click here for their official blog.


Baby Pie* - (Toddlee-Rama) 'Perlia - Peonies' Outfit - 50 Lindens:
Perfect for those hot summer days, the 'Perlia' Oufit is both comfy and relaxing in appearance. It features a beautiful "Maxi" skirt  and matching Tank Top.  A floral star applique matching the print in the skirt sits gently in the middle chest area.  Also included, are two hair bows and an adorable pair of sandals with a bow on top matching the bow tied at the waist. Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes. It also comes in two other style prints as well. Yes! Another DollyBird Steal of a Deal! So Very Precious! ♥

Outfit - (Perlia - Peonies) by Baby Pie
Hair - Dura-Girl #29 (Black) by Dura
 Pacifier - Tiffany Binky by Baby Pie
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
Ring - (Flower) by TinkerTots
Necklace - (Daisy White) *Sorry Not for Sale*
Pose - (Sassy) by Click Poses & Props
Toy -  (My Dolly) by Turducken
Toy Kitchen: (Tiny Tot Kitchen Model 1)(Cupcakes not included) by Sweet Baby

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sew Cute* - Nothing Over 100 Lindens! - Round 1 ♥

Hiya my Dollies!  It's the start of the week. I hope everyone had a great and wonderful weekend!  For the month of June, I decided to begin another round of DollyBird Deals.  What can you expect from DollyBird and her deals this month?  Well let me tell you... My cupcake and I will be on the hunt for cute quality items at 100 lindens or less!  That's Right! 100 Lindens or Less...So look forward to the remainder of month to see what DollyBird found in her Deals!  What a good way to crank up your Monday ♥


Sew Cute* - (June Group Gift) 'Cute' Outfit - ZERO Lindens:
Nice and casual describes the 'Cute' Outfit by Sew Cute*.  This outfit consist of a pair of detailed jeans, an adorable tank top with the word "cute" and a star in the middle chest area.  Also included are a precious pair of matching lace-less tennis shoes.  This is a group gift, so be sure to join the group in-world to receive your gift.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  Cutesie Pie! ♥

  Outfit - (Group Gift-Cute) by Sew Cute
Hair - Mimi (Onyx) by D!va
  Bag - (Group Gift - Jean) by MDL
Earrings - (Gemstone) by Turducken
Bracelet - (Gacha - Cupcake Blue) - Buglets

Pose - (Sassy) by Click Poses & Props
 Location - London, England UK

Sew Cute* - Lazy Sunday for Kids - 'Yellow Flora' Outfit - 65 Lindens:
In its soft canary yellow with subtle hints of green, the Yellow Flora Outfit is also very nice for those casual days in the sun.  You will find in your purchase, a pretty floral skirt with layers and a trim of white lace at the hemline. The tank is solid with wide straps.  A darling pair of matching lace-less tennis shoes are also included. This outfit is a part of the Lazy Sunday for Kids Sale.  You can receive it for 65 lindens while its on sale.  For more details regarding the Lazy Sunday for Kids, please click here.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  Simply Adorable!

  Outfit - (Yellow Flora) by Sew Cute
Hair - Mayumi (Onyx) by D!va
  Bouncer Toy - (Bouncing Ball) by CutieBabys
Pacifier - (Binky ) by Sneek Yuus/Nuuu
Bracelet - (Solara-Oufit) by Baby Princess

Pose - (Kids) by Purple Poses
 Location - Ascension Project (Lea Project)