Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Pie* Toddlee-Rama: Nothing Over 100 Lindens! - Round 2 ♥

Happy Terrific Tuesday My Dollies! Before I begin Round 2 of DollyBird's Deals, let me share a mini story with you.  I'm going through this particular stage with my cupcake.  She is beginning to blame everyone or anything for her very own actions.  I walked into her room and coloring papers were balled up and thrown all over the floor.  I spoke with her about it and all she could do was point at our Kitty "Teo" and politely say, "He made me do it".  I giggled and said okay just pick up your mess (not thinking much of it at the time).  The second incident came later today after dinner.  She wanted to take care of dessert.  I said, "Okay, What are we having?"  She stated happily, "Cupcakes".  As I put up the last dish before dessert, she was playing with her little kitchen stove and I noticed the cupcakes on the burner instead of the oven.  Looking at her, I said, "You have to bake cupcakes sweetheart, they go inside the oven".  She looked at me with a calm expression while chewing gum, "I know this Mommy, but My Dolly "Sidney" made me do it".  Now I realize we must make time to have a heart to heart talk. Do you think its time we do? (Giggles).

 Are you ready for Round 2 of DollyBird's Deals?   Great!  Well I'm excited to present to you...The 'Perlia-Peonies' Outfit by Baby Pie.  It's part of the Toddlee-Rama Sale Event and you can receive it for only 50 Lindens.  That's right...50 Lindens!  For more information regarding the Toddlee-Rama Event, click here for their official blog.


Baby Pie* - (Toddlee-Rama) 'Perlia - Peonies' Outfit - 50 Lindens:
Perfect for those hot summer days, the 'Perlia' Oufit is both comfy and relaxing in appearance. It features a beautiful "Maxi" skirt  and matching Tank Top.  A floral star applique matching the print in the skirt sits gently in the middle chest area.  Also included, are two hair bows and an adorable pair of sandals with a bow on top matching the bow tied at the waist. Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes. It also comes in two other style prints as well. Yes! Another DollyBird Steal of a Deal! So Very Precious! ♥

Outfit - (Perlia - Peonies) by Baby Pie
Hair - Dura-Girl #29 (Black) by Dura
 Pacifier - Tiffany Binky by Baby Pie
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
Ring - (Flower) by TinkerTots
Necklace - (Daisy White) *Sorry Not for Sale*
Pose - (Sassy) by Click Poses & Props
Toy -  (My Dolly) by Turducken
Toy Kitchen: (Tiny Tot Kitchen Model 1)(Cupcakes not included) by Sweet Baby