Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello My Dollies!  Here to share with you, the last day of a Whole New World.  The 'Under the Sea Expo' event, sponsored by Oceania Breedables ended yesterday, on June 26th.  It was indeed a wonderful experience of shopping and hunting. Out of all my days on Second Life, I can honestly say...I have never seen anything like it.  Do I wish it could have been a permanent stay? Yes! (Giggles)...but least we can look forward to more exciting events in the near future by Oceania and the Crew!

My cupcake and I took to the streets of the Reborn Atlantis City.  She wore a darling mermaid outfit, in which I will share with you in detail on my next post.  I wore this beautiful Shell Dress that I found from Evie's Closet at Under the Sea.  We both felt fanciful and full of fun as we swam throughout the stores.  We were thrilled at the amazing scenery.  My cupcake wanted to swim with every fish, dolphin, sharks (I'm pretty sure they were friendly...giggles) and Kitties she could find.  She was also blown away by one of her favorite stores, KittyCats...whom had an awesome exhibit of Kitties swimming and floating around.  Every store had its unique contribution to the theme.  I'm grateful that we got the moment to share in this wonderful event.  My hat goes off again to Oceania Breedables and the Team! Definitely a Mystical, Magical, Whole New World! ♥

To stay informed with Oceania Breedables upcoming events and to see other posts related to the Under the Sea Expo, please see their official blog by clicking here
Oceania Breedables - Under the Sea Expo
Under the Sea Expo

My Cupcake trying to Swim Away (giggles) - Under the Sea Expo

Under the Sea Expo

Dress - ( Elodie Shell: Belt, Shell Pasties & Bubbles Inc) by Evie's Closet (UTS Expo)
Hair - Ruth (Black) by EMO-tions
Earrings - (Innocence - Pearls) by Burroughs
Bridle - (The Kelpie's Bridle - Sagittarius Zodiac) by Evie's Closet (UTS Expo)
Under the Sea Expo