Wednesday, June 5, 2013

*Wacky Wednesday Sale - DollyBird's Pick of the Day ♥

Hello there my Dollies! It's Wonderful Wednesday!  It's also that time for me to share with you... Wacky Wednesday's DollyBird Pick of the Day!  But first, I must give you an update regarding my long chit chat with my cupcake, about her pointing the finger elsewhere.  If you didn't see the story, you can click here for my previous post.  I just had to chuckle at her cute little reason behind it all.  She went on to say with remorse in her eyes, "Mommy, it's so easy to blame someone or something else, because that way I will always be a good girl and not a bad one." Of course, I explained to her that its not right while at the same time understanding the way she felt. She apologized and agreed that she have to be responsible for her own actions. With that being said, I showered her with more love and we took off on our hunt for the Wacky Wednesday Sale Event. 

Like always we had a wonderful time shopping. So many precious items to choose from.  Keep in mind, Wacky Wednesday is a weekly sale kids event. Participating Creators will place an item on sale for $75 lindens or less. For a current list of participators and their products for the week, click here to visit the official Wacky Wednesday Blog. You can also join the group in-world to stay informed.

So, who made the DollyBird's Pick for today?  The precious 'Loren' Outfit by Madeleine's.  On sale now for an unbelievable 53 Lindens! It should be an easy guess as to why my cupcake and I chose this particular outfit.

DollyBird's WW Pick of the Day:

Madeleine's - Loren Outfit:
Nicely textured in an array of colors; pink, powder blue, white, and yellow... the 'Loren' Outfit is simply adorable.  It features a tutu layered in all three colors and a matching tank with a darling cupcake in the middle chest area, (Now you see...its personal...just for My Cupcake - Giggles) and bows that sit gently on the wide straps.  Also included are a pretty pair of thong sandals with bows on the top and on the side buckle.  Available in Toddledoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  My Cupcake Cutiepie!

  Outfit - (Loren) by Madeleine's
Hair - Asami (Onyx) by D!va
   Jewelry - (Cuppycake Set) by TinkerTots
Bracelet - (Gacha - Cupcake Blue) - Buglets

Pose - (Playful) by Click Poses & Props
Toy - (Stuffed Rabbit - Gacha) by HPMD
Furn & Decor (Table, Chairs, Cupcake Tray, & Flower Vase) by TiddlyBits