Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tiddleywinks* - Are We There Yet? ♥

Ahhh!  Get in There! Get in There! This is exactly what I heard, as I walked frantically to my cupcake's bedroom.  She was yelling at the top of her lungs as she sat with all her strength on top of her suitcase. I saw her plush toys spilling over as I imagined for a second, that they were desperately trying to escape. My immediate response was to calm my cupcake.  I spoke in a gentle voice explaining to her that she could not bring all of her toys on our trip.
My Shoes - (Helena) by Redgrave Shoes & Accessories 
Suitcase 1 - (Ready to Go Case - Blue) by BoOgErS
Pose - (Packing Pose 1 - Suitcase Inc) by Heirloom Poses & RP Props

Noticing her eyes tearing up, I had to think fast.  I took her to the car and showed her where two special spots were put aside for two of her favorite plushies.  "Pick two for this trip, and on our next trip, you can pick two different ones to go", is what I told her.  Instead of waiting till we reached our destination, I decided to give her the surprise gift (toy plushie by her left foot) early to hold during our transport. That did it! Lo and behold, those little eyes started shining bright along with a big pretty smile as she said, "Thankies mommy, me feel so much better now".   I kissed her cheek in a sigh of relief.  After-all, the trip had to start off right.  It makes all the difference in the world, when My Cupcake is Happy! 

Outfit- (Gabby) by TiddleyWinks 
Hair - (Lana - Brown Diamond)- by D!va (Hair Fair 2013)
Earrings - (Cutie-Cupcake) by
Luggage - (Vintage Paris - Gacha) by Aura's
Toy Plushie -  (Bear- Gacha) by D-Lab
Pose - (Playful) by Click Poses & Props

For the first day of the trip, our choice of wear for her,was the darling 'Gabby' outfit by Tiddleywinks.  It features a lightweight sweater (mesh) in white, a pretty floral print skirt layered in colors of pink and green, and a very precious pair of matching clogs.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes. Talk about Comfy Cuteness!

Please Note:
*** DollyBird vacation starts Monday, July 22nd. I will return soon with more excitement, up-to-date fashion and events coming your way.  Stay tuned to see what surprises are in store for you. Keep Smiling & Have Fun Shopping My Dollies!   See You Soon! ♥