Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soken KidsLabz - Grand Opening! ♥

Oops! There it is.... Oops! There it is...

Hello My Dollies!  I hope the weekend was a blast for everyone, like it was for my cupcake and I.  We were raging with anticipation, rushing off to get a head-start to the new Soken KidsLabz! The creators of Soken Kids decided to open another division tailored to Toddleedoo clothing .  You heard me right?  Toddleedoo!  We are super excited about this because, Soken Kids is amazingly known for only Kid size Clothing, Furniture, Toys, and Accessories.

A couple of months ago, I saw this beautiful dress created by them.  So...that lead me to visit their blog and leave a comment, "please create one for Toddleedoo..." Take a peep at the comment here.  A birdie must have heard my plea. Its no longer just a dream...My wish came true!  Yay! We are thrilled!

Credits: (Me)
  Top - (Double Tank) by Erratic
Hair - Playful (Blacks) by Vanity Hair
   Jeans - (Mesh Flare #6) by Maitreya
Watch/Bracelet - (Unisex Sitennoah - FatPack) by Mandala Jewelry

Earrings - (Crystal Hoop Platinum) by Ryca
Pose - (Gone Shopping) by Magnifique Poses
Pose - (My Cupcake) - (Dressy) by Click Poses & Props
Location - Soken Kids Labz

Outfit - (PaintMess Shorthalls) by SKL
Shoes - (Daisie Sneakers - Socks included) by Something Cute
Hair - #125 (Jet Black) by LoveSoul
   Earrings - (Cutie - Cupcake ) by Turducken
Bracelet - (Gacha - Cupcake Blue) - Buglets

Pose - (Dressy) by Click Poses & Props
Location - Soken KidsLabz
The 'PaintMess Shorthalls'  by SKL is nicely textured in denim blue with a paint splatter print in an array of colors.  It features two front and back pockets with silver closures and snaps.  On the chest pocket is the word, "Oops!" embroidered in a cool kiddie font.  Its all mesh, which made it very easy to slip into with no adjustments needed.  Available in both Toddleedoo Baby and Kid sizes.  Messy Paint Cutie!

Take a moment and look at the creative thoughtfulness put into their location.  We love it!  You can see it in-world by clicking the landmark below.  Be sure to join their group for updates, events, and new releases. Go Soken!

Landmark: Soken KidsLabz (SKL)
Official Blog: Soken Kids Mesh




Friday, August 16, 2013

Tiddleywinks* - Mommy She Wants Me Panda! ♥

Awww Cupcake...So cute (giggles) TGIF!  Hello There My Dollies! Need something to do this weekend? How about a trip to the zoo?  Well...My Cupcake has been waiting patiently for this day to arrive.  Take a guess at this "one" particular animal she really wanted to see...If you guessed, a PANDA, then Congratulations! You pinned the tail directly on the donkey!  When I told her we were going to the zoo, we put together what she wanted to wear the night before.  "I'm going with everything Panda", is what she told me with excitement.  We chose the adorable 'Harley' outfit by Tiddleywinks. It was perfect for our stroll through the animal kingdom.  

Outfit- (Harley) by TiddleyWinks 
Hair - (Mimi - Type B)-  by
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
Bracelet - (Cupcake - Gacha) by Buglets
Pacifier - Pandie Head Binky (White) by PipSqueaKs
Bicycle - (Glitter Bike) by Sweet Baby

Toy - (Plushie Pals - Squee the Panda) by Intrique - The Arcade Event
Location: Le Dome - Zoo World

The sun was scorching hot as I walked along side my cupcake while she rode her bike.  As we made our way to the Pandas, I knew most of our time would be spent right there. Whew! It allowed me to rest a bit and catch my breath. I honestly believe my cupcake wanted to give her little Pandie Plushie to the Panda.  "Even though they look so hug-gable, we both know its not wise to get to close". - (giggles). 

Credits: (Closeup)
Outfit- (Harley) by TiddleyWinks 
Pose - (Simple Toddledoo) by Baby Princess

The Harley outfit features a polka-dotted t-shirt with capped sleeves in white and black. On the front chest area sits a graphic of a cute friendly Panda. Included is a mini skirt with delicate white eyelet applique at the hemline, a black bow for the waistline, and a precious pair of matching canvas flats in a polka-dot print.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  Pretty Panda-riffic! ♥

To purchase this outfit for less than 100 lindens, visit the Marketplace by clicking here!   

Friday, August 9, 2013

Love Donna Flora Fundraiser* - Healing Prayer of Love ♥

 Woot! Woot! We are back My Dollies!  Missed us? Of course you did, because we dearly missed each of you!  I'm so grateful that we made it back in time for the 'Love Donna Flora Fundraiser'.  I was looking forward to the opportunity of contribution.  One of the things that I absolutely love about Second Life, is how the community collectively come together to raise funds for good causes and charity.  Awesome participators of this event are lined up all around the sim. 50-100% of your purchases are donated toward this great cause.

My cupcake and I shopped around in total awe at the amazing items on display.  We purchased the beautiful 'Adaline' dress from Petite Bowtique in both Mommy and Baby size.  Among other items, we were ecstatic to find a very nice pose, 'Treasured', by Click Poses... -and- there was no way we were leaving without the adorable Plushie, 'LDF Hope Bunny' by Ohmai.

Love Donna Flora
Outfit- (Adaline) by Petite Bowtique (LDF Fundraiser)
Hair - (My Cupcake)-(#33 - Blk)- by
Hair - (Me) - (Lacey - Blks/White) - by Truth Hair
Watch & Bracelets - (Female Sitennoah) by
Headband - (My Cupcake) (Cher Outfit) by Peekabee
Pose - (Treasured) by Click Poses & Props (LDF Fundraiser)

Love Donna Flora Fundraiser
Outfit- (Adaline) by Petite Bowtique (LDF Fundraiser)
Hair -(#31 - Blk)- by
Ring - (Flower) - by TinkerTots
Typewriter - (*Gacha) by Floorplan
Headband & Bracelet - (Cher Outfit) by Peekabee
Toy Plushie -  (LDF Hope Bunny) by Ohmai (LDF Fundraiser)
Pose - (Playful) by Click Poses & Props
'Donna Flora' is a female clothing and accessory store, branded and established by Squinternet Larnia.  Respected and loved by many, Squinternet herself has participated in the majority of charity events.  In December of 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  According to the official Love Donna Flora Fundraiser blog, she is currently undergoing nursing home care and "hopes to travel to a cancer treatment center in Northern Italy for a last-chance attempt".  For more information, please click on the link below:

Official Blog - Love Donna Flora Fundraiser
Landmark - Love Donna Flora

This fundraiser is not only to raise funds, its to show our support, love, and hope that she will conquer this unfortunate condition.  The last day is August 11th.  If you haven't done so, please go by to give your support and donation. Remember the Art of Living is the Art of Giving!

Sending Our Prayers &  Lots of Love,
DollyBird ♥

Love Donna Flora
Kaerri - LDF Landmark

Love Donna Flora
Dysfunctional Designs - LDF Landmark

Love Donna Flora Fundraiser
Petite Bowtique - LDF Landmark

Love Donna Flora Fundraiser
Click Poses & Props - LDF Landmark