Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Style Me Kids Collection* ~ DollyBird Picks-Round 1! ♥

Which came first: The Pumpkin or the Pumpkin Seed?

Happy Terrific Tuesday My Dollies!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far.  I'm so delighted that my cupcake is feeling better and back to her old self. Plans for the upcoming week is in the celebration of her getting well.  We have plenty of fun activities scheduled.  It was time to visit one of her favorite places...the good ole' Pumpkin Patch! Yay!

*Full Credits - Next Picture*
Mouthie - Chocolate Stick Bear (Mint) by LoveSoul
Pose - (Dandelions) by Click Poses
Location: Butterfly Alley

Before the trip there, we headed on over to the 'Style Me Kids Collection'.  If you are not aware, 'Style Me Kids' is a nice collection of sale items by Top Kid Designers.  Each item is placed on sale at 76 lindens.  That's right! Only 76 Lindens! You can find a variety of items such as; clothing, furniture, general merchandise, etc.  This event renews every 2nd of the month.  So you have time remaining to see what's available for purchase.  Stay informed by visiting their official blog, here.

Landmark: Style Me Kids Collection

Now for the goodies you been waiting for...No it's not a Pumpkin nor a Carriage...It's DollyBird's Style Me Pick of the Day! Woohoo! ♥

Outfit- (Butterfly Kisses Dress) by BabySteps (Style Me Kids) 
Hair - (Lili - Type B)-  by
Earrings - (Bow) by TinkerTots
 Necklace - (Butterfly) by TinkerTots
Bracelet - (Cupcake - Gacha) by Buglets
Mouthie - Chocolate Stick Bear (Mint) by LoveSoul
Pose - (Classic) by Click Poses
Location: Butterfly Alley

DollyBird's Style Me Kids Pick of the Day:

BabySteps* - Butterfly Kisses Dress
With Autumn setting in, The 'Butterfly Kisses Dress' by 'BabySteps' is perfect for those casual days of leaves and pumpkin playing.  It's an all-in-one piece (mesh) featuring a shirt with a petal design in hues of light peach and pink colors.  The jean skirt is nicely textured in denim with a butterfly applique at the lower left hemline. Included are a precious pair of matching sneakers.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby/Kid Sizes.  My Pwetty Pumpkin!