Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sugar & Spice* ~ Back To School! ♥

The little fox jumped over the moon...and now it's time for Back to School!

Hello my Dollies!  Summer Break is over and school has started for some kids across the country. Are you prepared to give your best this school year?  What will be different for you this time around?  My cupcake decided to start the school day off in style.  We were so happy to come across the  'MLP' school uniform created by Sugar & Spice. Creatively inspired by one of her favorite Pony cartoons..."My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash", it was just what my cupcake wanted for her first day.  She was up bright and early, full of energy... ready to dash off into the warm and welcoming classroom.

Even though her day turned out really well...she admitted to dozing off while reading in class.  It's a very good thing the teacher didn't catch her.  (Giggles).  ♥

Credits:(Getting Tired)
Location - Willowdale Elementary School

Credits:(Reading or Sleeping?)
Location - Willowdale Elementary School

Outfit - (Back to Skewl) by Sugar & Spice
Lunch Box - (Rainbow Dash) by Sugar & Spice
Hair - Velvet (Night) by Truth
   Earrings - (Cutie - Gemstone ) by Turducken
Bracelet - (Gacha - Cupcake Blue) - Buglets

Pose - (Sassy) by Click Poses & Props
Location -Willowdale Elementary School

The 'Back to Skewl' uniform by Sugar & Spice is precious in design, uniquely tailored to your choice of  Ponies. It features a vest in argyle pattern, a neat oxford long sleeve shirt in white, and a darling pleated skirt. Also included are a pair of long white socks, black Mary Janes, matching hair-bows, and the cute little nerdy glasses (re-sizable).  Each uniform blend very well in colors, matching your desired pony. You can purchase the matching Lunch Box separately.  Available in Toddleedoo Baby Size.  However, if you need it in Kid Size, just send the creator a notecard and she will be delighted to create it for you.

You have a variety of Ponies to choose from; 'Fluttershy', 'Pinkie Pie', 'Rarity', 'Twilight Sparkle', and of course, 'Rainbow Dash'.  The price is unbelievable! Which Pony will you choose?  Dashingly Sweet! ♥

Landmark: Sugar & Spice