Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Sale Event ~ DollyBird's Pick of the Day! ♥

Let the Leaves Fall Where They May...

Oops!  Did a leaf hit DollyBird on the head?  Oh no My Dollies, I know.... I know. I'm posting Wacky Wednesday DollyBird Pick and today is Thursday...Huh? What happened? (Giggles).

I just could not allow another week to pass me by.  Remember, even though its Thursday, you still have until Tuesday of next week before the sale ends and another item is placed on display at participating stores.  My cupcake and I, had a blast of a good time visiting the variety of stores to make our choice.  You know as usual, it was difficult to choose.  Feeling adventurous after the hunt, we decided to explore the gorgeous Autumn scenery and play with the colorful leaves.  Do you ever just lay in a pile of leaves and consume all the beauty of Autumn colors?

*Full Credits - Next Picture*
Leaf - (Autumn) by Click Poses
Location: Small Town Green

As your thoughts take you to those pile of colorful leaves, check out DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick below; Wait for it....Wait for it....

BabyPie September Outfit (DollyBird Blog)
Outfit- (September - Pink) by Baby Pie 
Hair - (Mimi -Onyx )-  by D!va
Jewelry Set - (Doggy-Gold) by
Little Ones Couture
Leaf - (Autumn) by Click Poses
Pose - (Toddleedoo Simple) by Baby Princess
Location: Small Town Green

Yay! Here it is...

DollyBird's Wacky Wednesday Pick: 

Baby Pie's (September) Outfit - 53 Lindens!
An adorable touch for the season; the 'September' Outfit by 'Baby Pie' is absolutely darling with its flair skirt in a plaid print and a light knit sweater to complete the look. The sweater has third-quarter sleeves with an applique of a matching plaid heart design in the middle chest area.  Sleeves are completed in full by matching plaid as well. Included with your purchase are a pair of cute cross-tie flats, a fashionable bunny ears headband, and a precious pair of nerdy eyeglasses.  Two other styles are also available. Take your pick for only 53 Lindens!  Comes in both Toddleedoo Baby/Kid sizes. Dashingly Cuteness! ♥

Be sure to visit the Wacky Wednesday Official Blog for more details and up-to-date information regarding participating stores.  You can also join their group in-world to stay informed.