About Tk & DollyBird

The Inspiration Behind DollyBird ♥

♥ Me & My Cupcake ♥

I enjoy my Second Life.  Joining back in October, 2011...I had no clue what I was missing until I saw how amazing the Virtual World of Linden Lab is.  However, I will mention this; if you have not yet experienced it for yourself...try Second Life for free. You can download it here. Before you do, make sure your computer has at least the minimum requirements to run the Viewer.  Click here.

I'm very passionate about beautiful graphics and Second Life is no exception.  I would shop for hours just looking in awe at the the Gorgeous, Architecturally-designed, and Well-crafted Stores and Sims (Places in Second Life). Sometimes its hard to grasp the Realism of it all.

So, what on earth gave me the idea to start blogging at DollyBird?  Well... 

(My First Inspiration) During my exploration of stores and sims, I came across quite a few child avatars. Can you say, "Awww... Too Cute"?!  Fortunately, I have an adorable role-playing SL daughter, who masquerades in her cute little child avatar. Ooh and get this - I love, love, love to shop for her.  Shopping with her is always so much fun too... and the clothes are just amazing! ♥

(My Second Inspiration) After reading and enjoying other SL Fashion Blogs, my mental light-bulb came on! It hit me...I can start a Fashion Blog for the Little Princesses, Young Fashionistas, and/or Darling Divas of Second Life. 

Voila! There you have it...DollyBird! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoy Blogging. Toodles! ♥